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Dishes to be cleaned, dirty hands needing a wash, brushing your teeth…. it all involves a sink. Sinks are used in our households every day for everyday tasks. Yet, we rarely stop to think about our oddly shaped helpers.

So, why should you start thinking about them now? Well, you visited this online store for a reason, right? You’re probably looking for a brand new sink for your kitchen, bathroom, or even laundry room? So, now is the perfect time to FINALLY give this wonderful invention a serious thought!

That’s where Farm Sink Shop comes in. It’s the ultimate destination for purchasing farmhouse kitchen sinks! Why should you be interested in farmhouse sinks in particular? Unlike other styles of sinks, farmhouse sinks are designed to give you the extra room you need to carry out your activities. No need to worry about water splashing on the countertop or running out of room for that extra large salad bowl you love to use. Also, they stand out. They literally do! Farmhouse sinks carry a unique design that ensures the very front of the sink is exposed. This helps turn those boring kitchens and bathrooms into chic, exciting spots that exude charm and appeal.

In February 2022, Farm Sink Shop was acquired by OpenStore who will continue offering the quality and selection Farm Sink Shop customers have come to expect.

Get started by exploring our extensive sink collection here and let Farm Sink Shop be the go to source for your next farmhouse sink purchase! It’s the perfect sink you deserve.

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