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ZLINE 36 in. Porcelain Rang...

ZLINE 36 in. Porcelain Rangetop in DuraSnow® Stainless Steel with 6 Gas Burners (RTS-36)


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Mount Type: Rangetop
Material & Finish: DuraSnow® Stainless Steel frame with 1 Piece Porcelain Top- Italian made burners
Control Panel: Durable Front Controls
Warranty: 1 Year
Cooktop: (6) Burners with Porcelain Cook Top with electronic spark ignition for all burners
Dimension: 36" W x 27.5" D x 8" H
Style: DuraSnow® Stainless Steel

Manufactured by ZLINE Kitchen & Bath
Model No. RTS-36

(Wok ring no longer available)
Fuel Type: Gas Cooktop
Product Weight: 90lbs
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
UPC: 810021140544
BTU Rating:

Dual Wok - 18,000 BTU
Rapid Burner (x2) - 13,000 BTU
Semi-Rapid Burner (x2) - 8,500 BTU
Auxiliary Burner - 4,200 BTU



ZLINE 36 in. Porcelain Rangetop in DuraSnow® Stainless Steel
Italian Burners
• Handcrafted, high quality Italian Burners imported directly from Italy.
• Premium alloy to ensure efficient and clean-burning flames.
• Durable and easy to clean. Italian burners easily detach for a simple clean.

Porcelain Cooktop
• Heavy duty Italian made porcelain one-piece cook top.
• 6 burners provide the perfect range of cooking power from 2,800 to 11,400 BTU's.
• One-piece cooktop allows for an easy to clean surface - no crevices that can hold residue.
• No-scratch porcelain designed to handle every cooking environment.

Cast Iron Grill
• Solid-piece cast iron grill - heavy duty and built to last.
• Extremely durable, with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

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